Retention. Value. Profits. Style.

Give your club the competitive edge with 24/7 support for every member in the gym and the kitchen.

Absolute Personalisation — For Every Member

ShaeFit™ is the ideal Health Club Partner. Based on a non-invasive assessment of unique genetic expression, the exclusive algorithms, built on more than 100 years of combined medical research, allow each and every member to harness their true potential – without any extra effort.

Fitness As Deep As Your Genes

From the time of day to schedule PT Sessions to which vegetable to choose at dinner, ShaeFit™ gives complete clarity for each member to optimise their unique lifestyle, specifically catering for health from a genetic level.

Setting Up Your Member Base is Simple

Members can login from any browser on desktop or download the ShaeFit™ app onto a mobile device.

Get The Word Out

Host an information session or distribute the ShaeFit™ promotional materials to your members so they are aware of the incredible support you want to offer them.

Give The Sign Up Link

Give them your special affiliate link to purchase. One click from your member allows you to track all your sales, recurring billing and commissions in the one spot, with auto payment right into your bank.

Nurture Your Culture

Provide a supportive environment as you watch your clients and Personal Trainers revel in their new found satisfaction of their unique bodies, gaining unparalleled results and achieving their goals.

Explore the possibilities. No cost set-up available. Get in touch today.

Personalise your Personal Training

Improve the results of every one of your members, whether they work alongside a Personal Trainer or on their own. The precise recommendations from ShaeFit™ are completely unique to each member, allowing your PTs to provide total personalised services or members to achieve their full potential independently.

Total Support 24/7

We know that time spent at the gym is only a fraction of a member’s life. Now you can support your member to achieve their health and fitness goals 24/7 with personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice at their fingertips.

Retain Your Members. Retain Your Profits.

Retention is the number one method for a healthy bottom line. Providing continued support to nurture an active, engaged membership allows you to build the culture you are looking for: healthy, happy and profitable members.

More Profitable Members

Increase your profits without increasing your costs. Work with ShaeFit™ to create a package that is tailored to your business. From $0 set up fees to fully customised platforms, ShaeFit™ has an option that is right for you.


Get With The Times

What is a business without an app in today’s market? You can settle for a run-of-the-mill, generic, poorly executed app or partner with ShaeFit™ for the leading edge in epigenetics: the most precision fitness and health advice available.

Become The Leaders of Personalised Fitness

Talk with us today to carve your niche in the future of the fitness industry.