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Whether that means simply creating your affiliate link or developing your branded app, this stage may take anywhere from an hour to a few months depending on the type of partnership you choose.

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Monitor the smiles of your members and the increase in your bottom line as you set the foundation for a sustainable and successful future of your business – in the books and on the gym floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will ShaeFit™ work for me?

How can you expect to increase retention when your members don’t get the results they joined for? Is the only way is to price cut? And how do you remain competitive when others are charging so little per month? The only other way to improve your retention or to attract new members is to add value.

So how do you add value? You could pay staff to run the latest classes, or buy the latest gadgets, or equipment, or fads.. rolling the dice to spend more money in the hope that you get more clients in a saturated market or at least stay competitive which means it’s wasted money anyway. Heck, if you’re desperate you might even rebrand because you think it’s your image!

So what’s a better model? Take a leaf out of the 2 industries that influence the health and fitness industry: the Medical & Health industry and the Business World.

The business industry says smart business is done through networks and joint ventures. So why don’t you join someone for a scalable, profit sharing campaign that adds value AND $$ to you? The Health & Medicine industry says get personal – looking at genetics and cells to find out what to eat and how to train to get and keep results.

So why don’t you jump the curve and tell your members what to eat and how to train to get the results that they want? And not just offer generic advice for them to get confused about – they can google that themselves!

Your solution is ShaeFit™.

What will ShaeFit™ cost me to set up?

ShaeFitT™ provides a unique, cutting edge service to add incredible value to your clients.

Depending on the model you choose, ShaeFit™ can cost you nothing in set-up, maintenance or administration fees.

ShaeFit™ gets your clients the results they want – the reason they started with your services in the first place, meaning they don’t have to go anywhere else! And they’re likely to tell all their friends about it too!

How do I get started?

ShaeFit™ can be used in a variety of different models depending on how much you want to invest in your business.From an affiliate model with no fees, just commissions to a full-blown white label service, ShaeFit™ can be tailored specifically to your needs.

So what are you waiting for?

Getting your members started with ShaeFit™ is as easy as giving them a link to tap. Your gym becomes the ultimate service provider by giving each individual member exactly what they need to get the results they want, every time.

Contact us today and start sharing in the benefits ShaeFit™ can bring to your members and your business. Simply contact us by email and one of our awesome representatives will get in touch asap!